Credit: Compromising situation on Corrie. (BBC)

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A death on “Corrie,” a marriage in crisis on “EastEnders,” a downward spiral on “Emmerdale,” a surprise pregnancy on “Hollyoaks,” a crush gone wrong on “Home and Away” and a possible reunion on “Neighbours.” Keep up with what’s to come on British and Aussie soaps.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: At his wits’ end, Tyrone appeals to Kirsty to let him see his daughter Ruby. She responds with a surprising offer, for Ty to move back in and for them to start over fresh. We’re not sure how Ty responds, but he does come up with a new plan: to kidnap Ruby.

There’s a death on the horizon for one “Coronation Street” character. The local spot The Rovers Return will go up in flames, trapping several characters and killing Sunita. The deceased will also be blamed for setting fire after her lover Karl reunites with Stella, who runs the Rovers.

Filming of “EastEnders” was in danger last week when a gang threw fireworks at the set and threatened the cast and crew. Security handled the situation before things became dangerous, but the day’s taping was cut short. Pasty Palmer (Bianca) and James Forde who plays her son Liam were present.

Spoiler alert:
After learning the true extent of Max’s relationship with Kirsty, Tanya kicked him out of the house. Wasting no time, Max heads for Kirsty and saves her from an abusive situation. They both return to Walford and shack up at the B&B. Abi stops by to see her father and catches the two in a compromising situation. Furious, Abi returns home with Max in tow, where sister Lauren gets in on the argument. The sisters proceed to kick him out of the house again.

Zainab and Masood are planning a wedding, but her self-absorbed attitude takes its toll on Masood. After arguing again, Zainab confides in Ayesha and is shocked to hear the young lady defend Masood. Ayesha even confesses her growing feelings for him. Zainab kicks her out of the house and then faces Masood.