Credit: Taking out his anger on Neighbours. (Channel 5)

Extended scoop.

It’s a big week on UK and Aussie soaps. “Corrie” reaches the States, Max is left out in the cold on “EastEnders,” a third victim could be claimed on “Emmerdale,” Hollyoaks welcomes one character, while saying goodbye to another, Brax gets ready for a busy year on “Home and Away” and Vanessa makes her choice on “Neighbours.”

Coronation Street:

Coronation Street is now available on Hulu for U.S. audiences to stream. New episodes will be available two weeks after they debut in the U.K. Two bonus Christmas Special episodes will also be released. This is Hulu’s first deal with ITV.

Spoiler alert: Lewis has been playing Gail for months now, earning her trust and sympathy. His plan to pay her back for ruining his relationship with her mother Audrey goes into full effect when he overhears Kylie admit that the father of her baby could be Nick, the brother of her husband David. The conman blackmails Kylie into getting Gail’s bank account information, after Gail deposits a large sum of money for what she thinks is their trip to Italy.

Spoiler alert: Kirsty finally agrees to give Max a divorce and plans to leave town. After saying an emotional goodbye, Max returns to Tanya to let her know Kirsty is out of their lives. However, Tanya later grows insecure with Max and grills him about his marriage to Kirsty. He divulges more info on their relationship, causing Tanya to realize he loved her more than he let on. She kicks him out of the house, as Kirsty’s cab pulls away.

Alfie kicked Kat out of The Vic when he learned her former lover was none other than Derek Branning. He quickly found a replacement in Roxy, much to Kat’s devastation. Kat might be starting to move on as well when she turns to Michael, Alfie’s cousin and the father of her child Tommy. Kat even moves in with Michael and his daughter, whose mother Janine is making her way back to Walford. Sounds like a complicated time for all parties involved.


Spoiler alert: Cameron’s secretly killed twice already, but he attempts to get his life back on track. He starts by proposing to Chas, who eventually accepts. Cain isn’t too thrilled by the news and they get into a fight. Will Cameron claim a third victim when he picks up a wrench during the scuffle?