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A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Hope announced her reunion with Liam on “B&B.” A wedding was interrupted on “DOOL.” Lucy stabbed John on “GH,” and Jamie was found lying on the ground on “Y&R.”

Here are a few excerpts from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soap Opera Fan Blog Weekly Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Rick tried to bolster the company’s reputation with a press conference but it was far from comfortable. Hope got up to declare that she was back with Liam. This raised some questions for Bill and Steffy.

Days of our Lives:
“It was wedding day in Salem this week. As Victor observed, it didn’t go off that badly. After all, no one was shot and there was only a minor incident of pummeling. Weddings are usually so prone to disaster and death that if the Salem PD wasn’t so heavily involved in them, they should have been lobbying to make them illegal.” Read more about the goings on in Salem through Matt’s Days of our Lives Musings.