Credit: Scary situation on Hollyoaks. (Lime Pictures)

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Soaps across the pond are tackling serious issues like domestic abuse, coming out and bullying. They’re having some fun though too, especially when it comes to love triangles, mysteries and shirtless newcomers.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Tyrone’s plan to marry Kirsty so he can secure his rights to baby Ruby comes to a head. As their wedding day approaches, Kirsty learns about Ty’s affair with Fiz and what he’s really up to. Considering Kirsty has a temper issue, she unleashes on Ty, but as she takes a swing at him, she loses her balance and falls down the stairs. In an interesting twist, once at the hospital, Kirsty claims she’s the one who’s suffered domestic abuse for months. What will Tyrone do now?

Jenna’s in hot water with her bosses after kissing her physiotherapist patient Sophie. Sophie offers to cover for her in front of the tribunal, making quite an impression on Jenna. In the meantime, the experience leads Jenna to come out to the father she’s only known for a couple of months. It should come as no surprise that kind hearted Lloyd accepts his daughter no matter what, but the effect the kiss has on the rest of her life remains to be seen.

Spoiler alert: Masood is aware of Ayesha’s crush on him, but he thinks he handled it by talking it out with her. He’ll find out he’s wrong though when she performs a striptease for him while Zainab is out of the house.

Tanya becomes fed up with Kirsty, as one would upon meeting their fiancé’s secret wife. Tanya confronts her rival at the B&B, where Kirsty tells her Max kissed her just before Derek’s funeral. Max shows up and gets in between the women in his life. After Tanya storms out, Kirsty makes another move on Max. Will he respond again?

Spoiler alert: Last year, Declan conned his half-sister Megan out of the festival profits. This year, Megan takes what she feels is owed to her by transferring some of his money into her account. As soon as she does that, Declan agrees to pay her back the money he owes her. With interest. Wracked with guilt, Megan confesses they’re all settled up thanks to her handiwork.