Yes, the holidays are creeping upon us but that doesn’t stop all the drama in Daytime! In fact, CBS soap fans will have something to look forward to this month – holiday themed episodes!

From now and leading up to the end of the year, fans will get to see many new developments in all four CBS soaps, and is here to give you a sneak peek as to what to look forward to! Without giving too much away, sit back, wait and watch, as we give you a look at what’s yet to come in the month of December!

On As The World Turns some will spend their first Christmas together, others will return to Oakdale and many will share a Christmas kiss!

The Bold and the Beautiful fans will get to watch as the Forresters grieve their first Christmas without Phoebe, and someone will receive a very special gift!

On Guiding Light, someone will plead for their family to stay in town, a trial date will be set, and some unwanted guests will crash the Coopers’ Christmas!

The Young and the Restless will have some old memories returning, rivalries reigniting, and some hidden secrets beginning to unravel! Also, in a special stand-alone episode, on December 26, Michael will have a major epiphany! can’t wait to see how the month of December develops! Stay tuned!