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Dose of reality.

From lawsuits to restraining orders to a new tattoo. Plus Kim K is pregnant, Ice still loves Coco and will the real booty please perk up! Welcome to the outrageous world of reality TV.

American Idol:
Despite raking in about $115 million at the box-office worldwide, “Les Misérables” failed to find a die-hard fan in “American Idol” season 9 runner up, Adam Lambert. But it wasn’t the numbers that had Lambert ranting on Twitter, it was the casting and crooning that that did him in. After seeing the film, Lambert offered praise for performances by Anne Hathaway (“The Dark Knight Rises”) and Sacha Baron Cohen (“The Dictator”), but followed up with a scathing review that criticized everything from the “distracting” live singing to the dismal operatic voice quality and range that hugely affected the purity of the score – resulting in what Lambert called “great actors pretending to be singers” – when filming a musical number. Lambert’s background is in musical theater, so his opinion isn’t totally unwelcome. Russell Crowe (“Broken City,” “Gladiator”) who plays the character of Javert and sings in the film, apparently felt the same as he reportedly defended Lambert on Twitter and offered the explanation that “Les Mis” director Tom Hooper was only interested in raw and real performance, hence the live singing.

Fellow American Idol season 9 contestant and winner Kris Allen reportedly suffered a broken wrist in a New Year’s day head-on collision that also sent his wife to the hospital. The singer tweeted about the scary news, but later followed up with a relieved and excited message to fans announcing that while he and wife, Katy, were battered and bruised from the accident, they are also expecting a baby. While the baby checked out fine, Allen will need to have surgery on his injured hand.

Dancing With The Stars:
To add authenticity to her role as an abuse victim named Katie in her latest movie, “Safe Haven,” actress and former “Dancing With The Stars” pro Julianne Hough (“Footloose”) reportedly drew on her own abusive childhood in London, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Hough, who will appear on the cover of the February issue, revealed that while studying dance at London’s Italia Conti Academy of Arts, she was taken advantage of by adults who verbally, physically and mentally abused her. The abuse reportedly intensified once she hit puberty. Hough later told ET Online that she really had to work hard to dig herself out of that dark place of negativity, likening it to having the life sucked out of her. Hough also recalled being told that she would amount to nothing if she returned to the United States. Reportedly, filming “Safe Haven” was cathartic and emotional.

New Year, new wife, and the third time’s a charm! According to the Daily Mail, “Dancing With The Stars” panel judge Len Goodman married his long-time girlfriend, dance teacher Sue Barrett in a secret ceremony on Sunday. The couple, who have been together for 10 years, reportedly invited about 30 friends and family to an intimate lunch that quickly turned into a surprise wedding. Barrett is Goodman’s third wife.

“Dancing With The Stars” co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet was recently spotted without her post-surgery scarf as she picked up two of her children from a dance class in Malibu, California. The 40-year-old mom blogger and mother of four recently underwent a thyroidectomy after discovering she had thyroid cancer. The surgery was successful and Burke-Charvet is reportedly cancer-free but has been left with a small linear scar at the front of her throat and will reportedly need to take daily thyroid hormone supplements.

Former “Dancing With The Stars” season 11 contestant Bristol Palin can feel a little more secure now after she was granted a temporary restraining order against her alleged stalker, Michael Cummings. According to TMZ, Cummings is a 39-year-old Texan who reportedly sent an engagement ring to Palin with a note that read “I (heart) you.” Cummings also allegedly showed up at Palin’s son, Tripp’s birthday party that was held at her mother’s home. It appears that Cummings’ own mother called police to warn them of her son’s instability. A court hearing later this month will determine if the restraining order will be permanent.

Ice Loves Coco:
A New Year’s kiss and all is forgiven? Maybe. Amid rumors of an impending breakup and following his angry Twitter tirade over his wife Coco’s provocative cuddle pic with AP.9, rapper and actor Ice-T and his wife were seen keeping it all together on New Year’s Eve. Squeezing her curves into a tight, silver mini-dress, Coco, who took the night off from her Vegas striptease show, “Peepshow,” was reportedly seen lovingly draped across her tuxedo-clad husband as they posed for photos. The couple reportedly remained inseparable as they rang in the New Year together, kissing and sipping champagne as they partied at LAX club in Las Vegas. With Ice-T returning to New York and Coco remaining in Vegas for “Peepshow,” will their relationship survive the distance? The season finale of “Ice Loves Coco” airs Sunday January 6 at 10 Eastern on E!

Jersey Shore:
Is it even a malfunction? According to “Jersey Shore’s” Jennifer “JWoww” Farley, it’s a fake. The reality star who co-hosted a special MTV New Year’s Eve show from Time’s Square with her “Jersey Shore” BFF Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, was quick to correct fans about her backdoor anatomy after a revealing and unflattering photo of her butt cheeks surfaced on the Internet. The photo shows the back of Farley’s glittering, thigh-high party dress, traveling a bit too far upward – leaving much of her booty hanging out and looking rather flat, plus calling in to question whether she even wore underwear. In her defense, Farley responded with a video post of her real derriere on her Keek account and encouraged fans to compare the images, insisting that the sans-drawers one was photo-shopped and failed to include her tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, Farley’s New Year’s Eve co-host, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently added a sixth tattoo to her diminutive frame in honor of the tear-jerking “Jersey Shore” season finale. Inked on her left shoulder is an image of a “fierce leopard” wearing a crown and sporting wings. The reality star explained on her blog that while she loves all things leopard, her latest tattoo represents her own empowerment, female strength and independence.