Credit: New family member on EastEnders. (BBC)

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Possible new loves for “Corrie” and “EastEnders” characters, “Emmerdale” passes down family traditions, deadly business on “Hollyoaks” and the Aussie soaps return from their winter breaks in January. The drama continues in 2013.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Sophie’s been crushing on her physiotherapist Jenna for some time and now she’s ready to make her move. When she learns her sessions will be ending soon, she opens up about her feelings. It seems Jenna feels the same way, as she responds to Sophie’s kiss. Too bad Sophie’s dad Kevin walks in and becomes enraged. He threatens to tell Jenna’s boss about her misconduct. But could he really just be angry Jenna rejected him, but is now responding to his daughter?

Faye reaches out to her biological father online, much to adoptive mom Anna’s dismay. Not wanting Tim in her daughter’s life, Anna orders Faye to stay away from him. As to be expected, Faye isn’t onboard with that plan.

Spoiler alert: Ray’s been seeing Kim, but her personality can best be described as a bit much. It seems Ray needs a break from his outlandish girlfriend and turns to her calmer, more together sister Denise, who has been feeling a bit lonely of late. While it remains to be seen where this will lead, Ray will reportedly have other things going on in 2013 that just might take him down a darker path.

Cora just met the daughter she gave up for adoption decades ago. Now she’ll meet the grandson she never knew about when Dexter Hartman comes looking for her. While daughter Ava hasn’t exactly warmed to her mother, Dexter is eager to get to know Cora and his new family. But will they feel the same way about him?

Spoiler alert: Debbie has been left devastated over Cameron’s infidelity, but she’s not taking it lying down. Instead, she sets out to follow in her parents’ footsteps and pull a few cons in order to support her kids. Sounds like a solid plan.