Vengeance on Hollyoaks. (Lime Pictures)

Extended coverage.

The holiday season is bringing lots of drama as one character is taken in a new direction on “Coronation Street,” a murder takes place on “Emmerdale” and an affair is revealed on “Hollyoaks.” There’s lots to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Big things are in store for Nick, who is about to marry his fiancée Leanne on Christmas Day. While it remains to be seen if she will go through with the wedding, considering her unresolved feelings for her recently returned ex Peter, Nick’s life will take a turn that has nothing to do with the love triangle.

Things have not been going well for Kylie and David recently. He wants a baby, she doesn’t. She thinks he had a fling with his ex. He didn’t. It gets even worse for the marrieds when Kylie actually does sleep with someone else. In true soap fashion, David reassures her of his love after she’s done the deed, but will it be too late for them?

The Masood matriarch is leaving Albert Square, as actress Nina Wadia announced she is quitting the show. Wadia has played Zainab Masood for five years, but has decided to move on from the BBC soap. The character will reportedly not be killed off.

Spoiler alert: Cousins Lauren and Joey recently enjoyed a short-lived secret romance. It ended when Joey’s dad Derek blackmailed his son into ending things. But now that Derek is getting killed off, Joey returns to the woman he loves. However, his ex and Lauren’s friend Lucy finds out and becomes furious. Lauren tries to explain, but gets into more hot water when she confesses about the car crash she caused but Joey took the blame for. Outraged, Lucy heads for the police station. Will she spill the truth to the cops?


Spoiler alert: After Cameron confesses his crimes to someone, he panics and takes them hostage. He knocks him out and then ties them up in his van. When the victim tries to make a break for it, Cameron ends up killing them. He buries the body in the woods, cleans up and then returns to Chas, who wants to be with him. It turns out Debbie still wants him back too. But when his van goes missing, neither woman could get what she wants if he ends up in prison.

Jai’s a dad but he can’t share the good news with anyone considering he’s with Charity, but fathered a child with Rachel. Rachel won’t let him see his baby, causing his mood swings to become too much for Charity to take. When she doesn’t get a satisfactory answer about what’s up, she leaves him and starts digging for answers.