Long labor on Neighbours. (Channel 5)

Extended coverage.

Two long running secrets are exposed on “EastEnders,” Cameron adds another victim on “Emmerdale” and two women go into labor on “Neighbours.” The drama doesn’t stop there, as there’s more soapy goodness ahead on shows from across the pond.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: Peter and Carla return to Weatherfield, just as Peter’s ex Leanne and Nick are planning their wedding. The engaged duo wants to take Leanne’s son Simon with them for their wedding in Las Vegas, but he wants to stay behind with his dad Peter. Leanne won’t go without Simon, so they call the whole thing off. Peter isn’t deterred though, as he plans a Christmas Day ceremony.

Tyrone is desperate to take his daughter and leave his abusive partner Kirsty. Since she oh, so conveniently left Tyrone off the birth certificate as Ruby’s father, he plans to marry her in order to secure his parental rights. However, something sets Kirsty off and she physically takes it out on Tyrone, sending him to the hospital. Does Kirsty learn about Tyrone’s affair with her nemesis and his good friend Fiz, or does something else cause the outburst? More importantly, will Tyrone get out of his relationship alive?

Spoiler alert: Things are about to get ugly between the Branning brothers, as Max discovers Derek has been blackmailing his fiancée Tanya. Derek feels disrespected when confronted by Max and turns on him by exposing the secret he has been keeping for the past year in front of the whole family. Christmas will get even worse when Derek turns up dead.

Another long held secret is about to be exposed when Alfie grows suspicious that his wife Kat is still cheating on him. Her ex-lover will finally be revealed as one of the Branning brothers on December 20, sending Alfie over the edge. He forgave her once, twice might be asking too much.

Spoiler alert: After Brett lost his job upon making a pass at Rhona, Rhona hires her old friend Vanessa to replace him at the vet clinic. Paddy’s none too pleased with Vanessa’s presence though, as he is privy to her loose reputation and worries she’ll have a negative effect on Rhona.

Cameron killed Carl last month, but his lover Chas has been charged with the crime. The guilt becomes too much for Cameron and he confides in someone that he should be the one standing trial. Unfortunately for the mystery character, that confession will cost them their life, as Cameron strikes again.