Undeniable chemistry on Emmerdale. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

A surprising new love triangle on “Coronation Street,” a life-threatening situation on “Emmerdale” and proof of an affair on “Neighbours” are just the tip of the iceberg. Get a look at what’s to come on UK and Australian soap operas.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Sophie was hit by a car a while back and is in need of a physiotherapist. Lucky for her, Lloyd’s new adult daughter Jenna takes over that job. Rumor has it, despite their 10-year age gap, the two will develop feelings for each other. Age differences aside, this might shock Jenna’s parents who she hasn’t come out to yet. Not only that, but Sophie’s dad Kevin will reportedly also fall for the attractive therapist. Sounds good and soapy.

David is a stepfather to Max, but he’s ready for a baby of his own. Kylie reluctantly agrees when her husband brings up the idea, but fearing they aren’t stable enough to bring another child into their family, she secretly stays on the pill.


Spoiler alert: The secret over who Kat has been having an affair with has been looming for months. It will eventually be revealed in a Christmas episode as her husband Alfie goes for one of the Branning brothers’ throats. In that moment, Kat pipes up that he’s got the wrong brother.

The Masoods may have said goodbye to their son Syed and his husband Christian, but they are welcoming a new houseguest. Family friend Ayesha will move in with the clan as she prepares for her arranged marriage. However, she will find she’s used to a more posh lifestyle and quickly finds herself out of her comfort zone.

Spoiler alert: Cain and Moira are on the road to a reunion, but hit a roadblock when he stands her up to help his family. Pride gets in the way as they both try to pretend they don’t care afterwards, but their chemistry can’t be denied and they end up in a passionate kiss.

Katie’s fall down a mineshaft places her in grave danger when she shatters her pelvis. Not only can she not walk, but she falls a second time placing her out of earshot of her rescuers. As Katie attempts to drag herself to safety, her loved ones hold a candlelight vigil for her. Will she make it out alive?