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Kristen Stewart’s sexy red carpet fashion, the trouble with Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter and Channing Tatum is this year’s sexiest man all led the news in this week’s Celebrity Gossip.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard expecting a baby.
Congratulations to Kristin Bell (“House of Lies”) and her fiancé Dax Shepard (“Parenthood”). The fun-loving couple has been engaged since 2010 and recently announced that they were expecting their first child together this spring. Their impending parenthood, however, isn’t going to hurry them down the altar any time soon. Shepard reportedly told “The View,” back in July that he and Bell would feel awkward about inviting their lesbian and gay friends to a wedding for which they do not have the same right – same-sex marriage is still illegal in California. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Bell, who has just wrapped up voice-overs as the enigmatic narrator for “Gossip Girl,” may make an appearance on the December 17 season finale.

Sexy Channing Tatum.
He proved he had the physique and the moves in movies like “Step Up” and “Magic Mike” and that he could make women exhale in “The Vow” and “Dear John,” but actor Channing Tatum was reportedly surprised that he was named as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. The former model and exotic dancer, who shares GQ magazine cover dibs with a barely clad Rihanna, was also named GQ magazine’s Man of the Year and is slowly getting used to his new title as he shares that his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum has taken to calling him only by that name. She proudly took to Twitter to show her approval. Tatum is currently training to play an Olympic athlete in the movie “Foxcatcher” set for release next year.

Bon Jovi’s daughter arrested after possible heroin overdose.
It’s likely a shot through the heart for singer Jon Bon Jovi as news that his only daughter possibly suffered a heroin drug overdose made headlines this week. After a frantic call to 911 was made by her friend Ian Grant, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was discovered unconscious and unresponsive by campus police in her Hamilton College dorm room in Clinton, N.Y., shortly before 2:00 AM. A search warrant reportedly recovered drug paraphernalia, heroin and marijuana. Both Grant and Bongiovi are facing several drug possession charges, as well as Hamilton College policy violations. Sources say Bongiovi has been on a downward spiral with drug abuse for some time as her friends and family have tried unsuccessfully to get her to commit to rehab.

Wendy Williams to Heidi Klum – tsk, tsk!
Outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams (“The Wendy Williams Show”) dispensed a verbal tongue-lashing on Project Runway’s Heidi Klum over her hasty relationship with longtime bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Williams implied that Klum, who separated from her husband, singer Seal earlier this year, was most likely dallying with Kirsten way before the couple’s first public appearance in September. For his part, upon learning of the relationship, Seal initially accused Klum of “fornicating with the help” but later explained that he never meant to suggest that Klum was unfaithful during their seven-year marriage. Williams, however, wasn’t so restrained, sharing with her audience that Seal should get back at Klum with half her money and a hot new girlfriend.

Lindsay bails on Barbara Walters.
Lindsay Lohan, how dare she?! Celebrated interviewer Barbara Walters took to her show “The View” to air her extreme disappointment with the cancellation of her anticipated sit-down with actress Lindsay Lohan (“Liz & Dick”). Apparently, a volcano of change erupted after the actress’ publicist, Steve Honig quit. Lohan apparently has hired a new publicity team – Rogers & Cowan – who were reportedly wary of the personal revelations the actress might reveal in her scheduled one-on-one with Walters. However, they didn’t seem to share these concerns about “Tonight” show host Jay Leno as they went about booking Lindsay for an appearance there. Lohan, who is facing possible jail time for a parole violation, reportedly admitted recently that she lied to her father about her mother’s cocaine drug abuse during a heated domestic dispute between the two. Her television biopic, “Liz & Dick” airs on Sunday on Lifetime.

Hope Solo no longer?
It sounds like an episode out of the “Dr. Phil” show. U.S. women’s soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo reportedly married her boyfriend of two months, one day after he was arrested for assaulting her. Reports are still unconfirmed, but Solo’s fiancé, former Seattle Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens was released from custody on the grounds that there was not enough evidence to charge him with. Despite having applied for the marriage license last week, Stevens and Solo were supposedly arguing over the location of their wedding. The former “Dancing with the Stars” alum is no stranger to roughhousing. In her book Solo: A Memoir Of Hope, Solo accuses dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy of manhandling her.