A dangerous ride on Emmerdale. (ITV)

Extended scoop.

This week, illicit affairs are still the order of the day, but there’s also a murder mystery revving up, near death experiences and a car wreck that almost destroys half a town. It’s edge of your seat stuff, so take a look at what’s to come on British and Australian soaps.

Coronation Street:
Bill Tarmey, who played Jack Duckworth, has passed away. He was 71-years-old. Tarmey, who began playing the character in 1979, was last seen on the show in 2010 as Jack died in his chair after his birthday party at the Rovers Return.

Spoiler alert: Leanne’s divorcing Peter and seeing Nick, who asks her to marry him. She says no, which he feels is due to her still being in love with her ex. She denies it and to prove it, asks him to marry her. Nick readily agrees, feeling he has finally won her from Peter. But will that be true when Peter returns?

Kirsty is none too happy with Fiz’s continued interference in her rocky relationship with Tyrone. Kirsty’s been abusive towards Tyrone and now she targets Fiz by messing with the machine she works on in the factory. Just when Fiz thinks her sewing machine is off, it turns back on and threads her hand. Kirsty privately warns her rival things will get worse if she doesn’t back off.


Spoiler alert: Derek’s days are numbered as the actor Jamie Foreman is leaving the show. No word on how he goes out yet, but the following story points could lead to his demise.

Worried for his lonely brother, Max tracks down Derek’s old flame and delivers him to her doorstep. His plan backfires though as Jackie isn’t quite the beauty Derek remembered and Jackie is less than thrilled to see her old flame. Derek is left furious by the experience. Will he take it out on his little brother?

Joey and Lauren are cousins, but they are attracted to each other, which obviously makes things complicated. Especially when Joey’s dad Derek sees them kissing. When the duo takes off in Derek’s stolen car, things take a turn for the worse. They get into an accident, ending in an explosion.