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Extended scoop.

Fake relationships, unwelcomed returns and rekindled affairs. Things are heating up on soaps from across the pond.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Ken’s working with his ex-mistress Wendy despite Deirdre’s concerns. Seems Deirdre had a right to worry, as Wendy accuses Ken of coming on to her. It’s all a lie though. Wendy’s just mad Ken rejected her advances. But a heartbroken Deirdre doesn’t know that.

Unsurprisingly, Gloria’s schemes to win Pub of the Year for her daughter Stella blow up on her face. That comes courtesy of Lewis after he learns Gloria has been trying to expose him for still being a conman. Lewis sets it up so Gloria is humiliated just as she’s about to receive her coveted prize. Facing her furious daughter, Gloria offers to move out. Much to her devastation, Stella agrees.

Spoiler alert: Kat has ended her affair with one of the Branning brothers (we still don’t know which one) to focus on her marriage to Alfie. Her ex-lover isn’t finished with her though, as he buys back the ring Kat pawned to help her and Alfie out of a jam. Will Kat be tempted to thank her ex-lover for his grand gesture in private?

Sharon is dating Jack, but agrees to pretend to be engaged to Phil in order to get his granddaughter Lexi back from social services. Jack reluctantly goes along with the plan, but starts to get jealous when the two start spending more and more time together. Imagine how he’ll feel when he sees the engagement ring.

Spoiler alert: Upon learning of Cameron and Chas’ affair, Cain seeks revenge. Concerned, Moira intervenes, bringing the exes in close proximity once again. This of course leads to a kiss, but Moira insists she isn’t ready to go down that road again. She may reject him in the moment, but temptation continues to lurk.

“Emmerdale” is welcoming a few new faces. Word is, Rhona’s partier college friend Vanessa will hit town, Bernice will get a new lover in the form of Steve Harland and the town will meet mechanic Dominic and his daughter Gemma. What fresh drama will they bring?