Credit: Michael Damian (JoBee)

Up close with the actors.’s October interviews with the stars of Daytime television had one Salem actress talking about her public awareness storyline, a former one chatting about her latest book, and a Genoa City actor sharing his new Christmas DVD release and how he would write his way back into the show for a future storyline…

“Days of our Lives” had taken on a storyline, which surrounds Alzheimer’s. Hollie chatted with the actress at the center of it. In our Interview with Peggy McCay Caroline’s portrayer reflected on how she felt when initially asked to take on this topic. “Well, I read a great deal about it, and there is hope for this disease. It is not necessarily a death sentence. And also there are important ways people can prevent getting into this by using their minds and not just dropping out because of being older or whatever the circumstances are. And they will probably put some of that in this too. I take it on as a wonderful acting challenge and I am glad that I have the important storyline I have.”

We caught up with the Salem actress who played “Days of our Lives'” Liz Chandler. She gave insight into how she started her new book and stated, “What happened was, I had this story. My story. And I wrote those down and they got honed over the years, but then I wasn’t sure how to explain the subject of coincidence. And I put it one way, and then I did it another way and thought, no this is not right. And so I put it aside for a year or two but would pick it up again – there was something there.” Find out more about the book and the special message that sparked it through our latest Gloria Loring Interview.