Credit: Will Syed walk the aisle on EastEnders? (BBC)

Extended coverage.

Affairs and deaths, and deceit, oh, my! It’s all in a week’s worth of British and Australian soap operas.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: This fall could spell trouble for the couples of Weatherfield. While Tommy struggles with the reality of Tina becoming pregnant with Izzy and Gary’s baby, Maria and Marcus’ kiss may not be so easy to dismiss. Meanwhile, Tyronne continues to walk on eggshells around the abusive Kirsty for the sake of their baby and Leanne & Nick and Michelle & Steve could be on shaky ground.

Stella’s had to deal with her mother’s meddling since she’s arrived, but Gloria may push it too far with her next move. With The Rovers up for Pub of the Year, Gloria takes things one step further by turning Stella’s establishment into a B&B. Anyone else think this spells disaster?

Spoiler alert: Joey Branning may be hanging up his playboy ways as he discovers he’s truly fallen for Lauren. Too bad she’s his cousin.

Speaking of the Branning clan, it seems Derek is on his way out. Word is Joey’s dad could go out in a body bag come Christmas, as his shady past comes back to haunt him.

As Syed and Christian’s wedding day approaches, Syed finally confesses his financial woes to his intended. That’s got to be a load off, but Syed is still wracked with guilt over his secret kiss with Danny. That’s what his dad’s there for, as Masood lets the illicit smooch slip to his soon to be son-in-law. Christian forgives Syed though and promises to be at the altar waiting for him. All that’s standing in their way now is Syed’s cold feet.

Spoiler alert: Chas is preparing to marry Dan, but tells Carl she’ll run away with him. However, it’s all a ruse in order to keep Carl quiet regarding her recent affair with Cameron. Can she keep Carl in line and still marry Dan? A worried Cameron doesn’t think so.

A murder mystery is about to unfold on “Emmerdale,” as a body is found. Who is it? And whodunit?