Credit: Baby scare on Hollyoaks. (Lime Pictures)

Extended scoop.

Baby news, secret affairs and lives hanging in the balance is what’s on tap for Australian and British soaps. The locations may be different, but the drama remains the same.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: He’s helped her through her cancer scare the last couple of days and now something more could develop between Marcus and Maria. Having put everything into perspective, Maria, who has been pushing her boyfriend Jason away, admits Marcus is one of the most important people in her life. Despite his being gay, the two lean in for a kiss.

Tracy has been seeing the much younger Ryan lately and while he appears to truly care for her, she seems to only be dating the lad to get under his mother Michelle’s skin. Coming up, she ups the ante by announcing she’s pregnant. The news is sure to send Michelle over the edge, but is Tracy telling the truth?

Spoiler alert: Young mom Lola has had social services breathing down her neck lately and it’s only going to get worse. The scrappy mother is arrested for assault, which of course doesn’t look good in the government’s eyes. Sadly, her daughter Lexi is taken away.

Syed is engaged to Christian, but he’s keeping his financial issues a secret from him. He’s also been bending newcomer Danny’s ear over his mess, leading up to a kiss. Will Syed’s impulsive action spell disaster for his wedding to Christian?


Spoiler alert: Declan’s big music festival is finally here and he’s procured big name acts like The Proclaimers and Scouting For Girls. It’s a big success and Megan and Robbie expect to take home some of the profit. Unfortunately for them, Declan has other ideas.

Jai’s secret love child with Rachel is starting to get out. After Rachel gives him a copy of the scan of their baby, Jai’s father Rishi finds it in his pocket. Jai confesses all. Will Rishi blow his son’s cover with wife Charity?