Credit: Magic Milo. (ABC)

A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Katie delivered her baby on “B&B.” Mel left Salem on “DOOL.” Milo stripped on “GH,” and Sharon ordered a cremation and quickie funeral on “Y&R.”

Here are a few excerpts from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soap Opera Fan Blog Weekly Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
The birthing went fine, but as Bill was holding the child, Katie began to code. Bill begged her not to die. She went toward a white light. Storm was there and told her that this wasn’t the time. She revived. Her family gathered around. Bill announced they were naming the child William and Katie told everyone about seeing Storm and the power of love.

Days of our Lives:
“The Days of Mel wound down this week. After leaving Europe and a promising career as premiere party girl behind to stumble through a bloody wedding, a failed marriage, a few stalkings, abductions… She’d finally had enough of Salem. Waking up early one morning and discovering that she was nearly at the point of darning doilies with Maggie, it seemed like a life anywhere else was likely the better option.” Read more about the goings on in Salem through Matt’s Days of our Lives Musings.