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Health scares, surprise engagements and revenge. Just another day in the life of a British and Australian soap town.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: Maria has a breast cancer scare and leans on Marcus when he goes to the doctor with her. She might need to lean on his shoulder longer, as she’s keeping her possible condition a secret and gets inconclusive test results.

If having an abusive partner isn’t bad enough, Ty could soon face charges in the upcoming months. It seems he tries to fix friend Fiz’s gas boiler, but doesn’t do such a good job as she passes out after inhaling carbon monoxide. The storyline will take place around Christmas time. The show is working with the Gas Safe Register to make sure their facts are accurate.

Spoiler alert: Now that Kat has confessed her affair to Michael, that eliminates him as her secret lover. That leaves the Branning brothers – Derek, Jack and Max – as the culprits. Kat also told her husband Alfie and they left town to work on their marriage. But when they return, Kat is confronted with all three brothers at The Vic and an invitation from one of them to meet for a rendezvous. What will she do?

Despite her keeping time with Jack, Sharon and Phil are to get engaged. She’s been a friend to him lately, but there’s nothing more going on between the ex-lovers, yet anyway, as apparently the engagement is fake. But why?


Spoiler alert: Jai sets out to attend Rachel’s baby scan, but his plans change when he runs into Gennie and Nikhil at the hospital. Since his fathering Rachel’s baby is a secret, he stays with them and misses the scan. Leaving Rachel alone and disappointed. Again.

Beginning October 15, “Emmerdale” will celebrate 40 years on the air. The anniversary week will include a live episode, a birth and a death. Take a look below at the teaser video, which might not be available in all areas.