Extended scoop.

Illness, harsh realities and exes make life difficult in England and Australia. All that, plus a surprise adult daughter surfaces. Ah, the complicated lives of soap characters.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: Wendy’s back and immediately becomes involved in school government, which puts her face to face with ex-lover Ken. Although shocked to see him after all these years, Wendy remains focused on the task at hand. Ken could be the one more rattled as he keeps his encounter with his ex a secret from Deirdre, who divorced him after his affair with Wendy.

After figuring out Jenna is his adult daughter, Lloyd confronts ex-lover Mandy, which leads to his offspring finding out. Mandy is understandably put on the defensive as both father and daughter attack her for keeping the secret. If Lloyd and Jenna forge a relationship, will Mandy be a part of it?


Spoiler alert: After Janine leaves Michael and their child, Roxy steps in to offer the suddenly single dad support and parenting tips. Roxy is purely helping out of friendship, but it’s not out of the question on a soap for it to turn into something more.

Just as Syed becomes overwhelmed with financial issues, along comes handsome stranger Danny to listen to all his problems. But don’t forget about boyfriend Christian, who shows up just as Danny asks Syed out for a drink. All the elements are in place for a classic love triangle.