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A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Stephanie accepted Brooke on “B&B.” Melanie interrupted a parole hearing on “DOOL.” Jason and Sam fantasized on “GH,” and Billy and Genevieve had a difference of opinion on “Y&R.”

Here are a few excerpts from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soap Opera Fan Blog Weekly Soap Opera Summaries.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Stephanie urged Ridge and Brooke not to get married at the courthouse. She thought they should have a big family wedding. This was her way of finally accepting Brooke into the family. Brooke was thrilled.

Days of our Lives:
“Mel agreed to write a letter to the parole board to keep Nick out of sight. Considering how close she seemed to live to the prison, it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t seen him in the exercise yard. Nonetheless, half way through the hearing, she walked from her room and into the proceedings in a few seconds flat.” Read more about the goings on in Salem through Matt’s Days of our Lives Musings.