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Outside of Daytime.

If you’ve been sitting back and wondering what the former actors from the cancelled soap operas “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life To Live,” and “Passions” have been doing these days, has the goods. We will never forget Pine Valley, Oakdale, Springfield, Llanview or Harmony, and if you visit our Soap Opera News Rooms, you’ll find these recent top stories…

“All My Children” fans who have enjoyed watching the actor who played Josh Madden on Lifetime’s “The Client List” are in for a treat! Watch Colin Egglesfield’s The Morning Show Video to hear about the show’s return date and what the actor originally thought he’d do as a career.

It’s official, ladies. “All My Children’s” Griffin Castillo may have been single but Jordi Vilasuso is married.

Do you remember Pine Valley’s maid Naomi? The former “All My Children” actress has a lot to celebrate these days. Leave your congratulations for Rosie O’Donnell’s new marriage.

“AMC’s” Colby Chandler has come across her fair share of strange Pine Valley residents over the years. The actress who played her is currently taking part in a movie with zany Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix. Get a glimpse of Ambyr Childers’ The Master Trailer for a closer look.

There’s a new TV role for the actress who played “All My Children’s” Marissa Chandler. Find out more about her new character, who’s an employee of a madam, through Brittany Allen in Defiance.

Dre Woods was only in Pine Valley a year before the “AMC” actor set off to join “The Vampire Diaries” then found a home on “Pretty Little Liars” as Nate St. Germain. For more on his upcoming project view Sterling Sulieman to The New Normal.

Who knows what Pine Valley’s Randi Hubbard is up to these days, but the actress who filled the “All My Children” role is keeping busy. Fans can catch her in Primetime since Denise Vasi’s Single Ladies has been renewed for season three.