Murders, secrets and illicit affairs.

Soaps across the pond are every bit as juicy as American ones. Coming up, affairs are exposed, pregnancies complicate relationships and secrets are out. Find out what’s about to go down on a few British and Australian dramas.

Spoiler alert: It seems the truth about Heather’s death is finally out. When Sharon goes looking for a job at the R&R, she engages Phil in conversation. Somehow this leads her to figuring out Phil has been protecting his guilty son Ben in the murder all along. What will she do with this information?

Kat’s been carrying on with a secret affair behind her husband Alfie’s back for a couple of months now. Not only is Alfie in the dark, but the viewers are as well when it comes to the identity of her paramour. That is soon to change, as after a fight breaks out between the Queen Vic football team, Kat tends to her injured lover, who leaves behind a message of love for her. Does Kat return the sentiment? More importantly, just who has she been carrying on with all this time?

Coronation Street:

Nigel Havers has extended his contract to play conman Lewis Archer until sometime next year. Since his most recent return, Lewis has reignited the flames with Audrey, but don’t count out the ex-gigolo when it comes to the other ladies on the Street.

Spoiler alert: With Tyrone falling apart during Kirsty’s absence, Tommy sets out to fix things. He finds Kirsty at the hospital and urges her go back home. She thinks she and Tyrone are better off apart, but Tommy continues to persuade her. Since she’s been abusing Tyrone, she’s probably right to walk away, but Tommy doesn’t know that and does his best to fix Tyrone’s broken heart. Watch the video below for more of Thursday’s episode, which might not be available in all areas.