Worry at General Hospital. (Soaps.com)

Love, sadness and criminal activities abound this week in just about every soap on Daytime TV.

The Bold And The Beautiful:

It’s time for a wedding, but where’s the groom? Liam shows up not as planned. Caroline keeps a close watch on Rick while Steffy becomes the topic of conversation. While Liam makes a promise to Brooke, Thomas considers a future with Hope on CBS. Bold And Beautiful Spoilers keep you informed at Soaps.com.

Days of our Lives:

EJ escapes from Ian after learning the secret about Stefano. Stefano is alive. Gabi’s secret is safe from Melanie for now. Gabi and Will have an awkward moment. A memorial is held for Jack this week on NBC’s “Days”. More secrets and angst are detailed for this week in the Days of our Lives Spoilers.