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Abby and Brittany:
Move over Honey Boo Boo! TLC has a new set of stars, Abby and Brittany Hensel. The 22-year-old conjoined twins will be featured in their own new reality series as they leave college and try to secure a first job. Will you watch?

American Idol:
Remember when Phillip Phillips won “AI” despite all of his health problems? Well, now his single, “Home,” has marked the biggest digital sales week for an “AI” winner’s coronation song, with 278,000 downloads sold. With it being certified gold, does that make him Olympic material?

In other “AI” news, castoff-turned-celebrity husband Paul McDonald has been cast in an upcoming episode of “Parenthood.” The singer-songwriter will play a musician who promptly catches the eye of the studio’s new assistant, Amber. Wonder what wifey and “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed will think?

And in yet more “AI” news, how would you feel about Sean Combs joining Mariah Carey behind the judge’s table? I am not sure the show can handle that many divas.

Casting Call:
Think you have what it takes to be on a reality show? Well, if you are the wife or girlfriend of a hustler in LA, you are in luck. That’s right ladies! Wayans Girl Productions is looking for “an extraordinary group of women from Los Angeles, who appear between 21-50, are hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good looking, wise cracking, sexy women. Specifically, Good Girls that are attracted to Bad Men. Or Bad Girls that love these men. Either way she is a bad “B” in her own right.” The casting call goes on to specify that the women should be or once have been sweet and innocent girls from good upbringing that by chance have fallen in love with a bad boy, i.e. a notorious drug kingpin, gambler, loan shark, business manager, runs his own business or runs the streets. If that sounds like you, then good luck!