Ticked. (Soaps.com)

This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

The Bold And The Beautiful:

Bill has regrets. Rick backs Hope. Katie lets someone have it. Hope wants Steffy to do something. The love triangle spins and Ridge fills people in.

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Days of our Lives:

There will be no new episodes until August 13, 2012 when we learn who dies and who survives the explosion in the tunnels under Salem.

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General Hospital:

Sonny gets paranoid. Johnny wants to know secrets. Deceptions come to light. Danger stalks the women of Port Charles and Lulu is in need of another serious talk with someone.

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The Young And The Restless:

Jack and Nikki exchange words. Heather asks a favor. Sharon and Abby get into it. Someone toys with Sharon. Jack is ticked. Tucker and Sharon formulate a plan and Billy wants to know more.

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