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Outside of Daytime. has continued to keep readers posted on the goings-on of the actors from cancelled soap operas “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life To Live,” and “Passions.” If you missed the many articles following the actors of Pine Valley, Oakdale, Springfield, Llanview or Harmony in the various Soap Opera News Rooms, here are a few recent top stories…

Did you know the actor who played “All My Children’s” Brot Monroe is about to release a memoir? Here’s a peek, “I had a feeding tube in my nose and my face was dark from open wounds and burned tissue…My mom burst into tears at the sight.” Get another early preview and release details through J.R. Martinez’s Memoir Full Of Heart. That’s not all, J.R. Martinez will be honored in August as Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year.

The actress who played “All My Children’s” Marissa Chandler just auditioned for a role she didn’t end up landing. Through Brittany Allen’s The Casting Room Video she explains that a wardrobe choice may have led to her not getting the role.

Pine Valley’s Joni Stafford portrayer went on to star in many feature films. Don’t miss Amanda Seyfried’s The Big Wedding Trailer for a peek at her latest!

Are you a fan of “The Carol Burnett Show” or the actress’ Pine Valley character Verla Grubbs? If so you might be interested to know that The Carol Burnett Show will be released on DVD.

Fans of Oakdale’s Barbara Ryan will have something to look forward to come August. Find out how you can catch Colleen Zenk in Thurston.