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Up close with the actors.’s July interviews with the stars of Daytime television had one Salem actress chatting about the furture of her character, a few former Llanview actors talking about their most memorable moments on “One Life To Live” and more Daytime stars chatting with from the Daytime Emmys red carpet.

“I’m screwed and he is going to take the kid.” That’s what might happen if a certain someone finds out Nicole’s baby is his… In our “Days of our Lives” Arianne Zucker Interview the actress also told Hollie, “Because he is a jerk [EJ, James Scott]! You know, there is a lot of pain there, and these two have never really been honest with each other, sadly, and I think that one, she is taking a page out of Sami’s book and thinks she has something right going on there.” Click the link to read on!