Always the bride, never the wife.

“I do!”
“I don’t!”

Weddings are a staple among the soaps and can be quite lavish affairs. So it’s no surprise that some of our beloved characters take more than one stroll down the aisle. takes a look at the characters who have been blushing brides the most, as well as those who may have been jilted.

10. Sami Brady Horton DiMera Brady Hernandez, Days of our Lives:
Sami may only have been a bride five different times, but the gals in Salem aren’t as fickle about marriage, as say the girls in Genoa City are. Sami has also racked up quite the list of hottie husbands, including Lucas, Austin, E.J., and Rafe. Quite the drama queen, Sami has busted up her sister Carrie’s wedding to Austin by revealing her pregnancy, has been left at the altar after Carrie exposed her to Austin, and threatened to kill her husband on their wedding night, just to name a few. That’s our girl!

9. Carly Snyder, As The World Turns:
Carly must have taken a page from Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi’s book, as she has been a bride six different times. Granted half of those times were to soul mate Jack, whom she eventually ended up with for good. One of their weddings was busted up by Jack’s crazy ex, Julia. While no one could leave Carly at the altar, a fling with an ex in Mike Kasnoff was cause for one of their breakups. Leave it to Carly to sleep with another man on her wedding night. She and Jack did have a couple of happy weddings, though. During their wedding in Montana, Carly revealed to Jack that he was Sage’s father. Also, after what we hope was Carly’s last turn as a bride, she discovered she and Jack were expecting another baby.

8. Carly Corinthos Jacks, General Hospital:
Carly has always had a one-track mind. If she wants something, she goes for it full force. Unfortunately, her choices with men haven’t led her down the most desirable path. Carly has said “I do,” seven different times. Four of her wedding waltzes have been to Sonny. While Carly may have had little success in the marriage department, she likely takes great delight in not being left at the altar like her rival, Brenda Barrett. Sonny’s infamous wedding diss of Brenda probably keeps Carly warm on cold nights. After all those divorces between Carly and Sonny, one would think those two would know better, but I’m guessing they have at least one more wedding in them.

7. Jill Abbott, The Young and the Restless:
While Jill has been a blushing bride seven different times, most of those have been declared null and void. Still, no one ever accused Jill of not trying. She’s made the most of her marriages and walked away with companies, seats on the board and hefty payouts. Although Jill hasn’t been so lucky in love lately, here’s hoping she’ll stick to her vows the next time she says “I do.”

6. Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless:
Nikki loves being a bride almost as much as her longtime love, Victor. She’s walked down the aisle eight different times, several of those times to Victor and once to his rival Jack. She’s even left a man, Brad Carlton, at the altar. Her “always the bride, never the wife” mentality has likely been an inspiration on daughter Victoria, who has already racked up four marriages, and former darling daughter-in-law Sharon, who has been married three different times. Anyone guessing Nikki might just go down in soap history as the serial bride?

5. Viki Lord, One Life To Live:
Viki was the rock of Llanview and loved with all of her heart. This lead Viki to walk down the aisle eight different times, beating out frenemy Dorian’s seven marriages. Of course, two of Viki’s marriages were to Clint. She also wasn’t jilted like Dorian was, when Clint embarrassed her by kidnapping David on their wedding day. Since Viki and Clint were engaged as we said good-bye to Llanview, Viki would likely have been tied at the top for the most walks down the aisle.

4. Erica Kane, All My Children:
“I am Erica Kane, and I’m a serial bride.” Erica was married eight different times and likely would have added at least one more to that total. Perhaps her overly high standards kept her wanting to outdo herself. She’s married for love, money and both. It seems Erica was always trying to make it work with Jackson, as they constantly made their way to and from one another. No one leaves Erica Kane, and while it isn’t clear what happened beyond that final party in Pine Valley, Erica and Jack’s past likely indicates that they reunited in their future for another trip down the aisle.

3. Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful:
No surprise that Brooke has been married eleven different times. She doesn’t take the top spot because most of those marriages where declared null and void. Additionally, she has been married to Ridge five separate times. Either those two just love the pomp and circumstance, or haven’t taken that hint from the universe that perhaps they shouldn’t be together. Brooke also likes to keep it all in the family and has walked down the aisle twice to Ridge’s father Eric and once to Ridge’s brother Thorne. Maybe Brooke likes being a bride so much because she gets a chance to be the first to wear those Forrester bridal creations.

2. Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi, As The World Turns:
Lisa obviously lived life by the motto, “You’ll never know if you don’t try.” Lisa was married an impressive eight times. What makes Lisa’s bridal bliss different from the other brides on this is that each of her marriages were to different men. She always was one to follow her heart. Unfortunately, five of her marriages ended because her handsome husbands died and left her a widow.

1. Reva Shayne, Guiding Light:
No one but the self-proclaimed hussy of Springfield could make more trips to the altar, with a record nine marriages. This doesn’t include a trip she made down the aisle with Kyle Sampson, whom she left waiting. She never met a Lewis she didn’t like, and married the patriarch H.B., his son Billy, and of course, his other son Joshua. For Reva, she ended where she began. Her first marriage was to beloved “Bud” Josh. She rode off into the sunset with him, perhaps towards another marriage. Of course, this will all be null and void if presumed dead husband Jeffrey ever returns.

Are there any serial brides that you think should have made the list? What about from soaps long since passed? Please leave your comments below.

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– Allyson Wells