Soap operas top serial brides

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Always the bride, sometimes the wife.

Weddings are a soap opera staple. Though they aren’t the lavish affairs they used to be, some are still on the more extravagant side, while others are performed in a living room (we’re looking at you Bold and Beautiful). Then there’s the occasional ceremony done on the fly for purposes other than love. Whatever the reason for the occasion, there are several daytime heroines who seem addicted to walking down the aisle.

It’s a rare thing when a soap opera wedding goes smoothly and rarer yet when the marriage lasts. Which is why the ladies we’ve highlighted in the gallery below have said ‘I do’ so many times, often to the same person. That person is usually the bride’s true north, destiny, end game, whatever you want to call it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few attempts at happily ever after with someone else in between divorces and annulments.

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There’s a lot of competition between the iconic women of daytime vying for most married. A Bold and Beautiful temptress has done it 11 times, with three of her husbands coming from the same family. She’s not alone there as Guiding Light’s serial bride did the same well before her. Meanwhile, Port Charles’ lover of wearing white married the same man four times, but only a couple of their unions were for love.

Of course, with so many weddings there’s sure to be drama to follow. One As the World Turns bride slept with another man the night before her nuptials, while a Days of our Lives wife-to-be threatened to kill her fiancé before one of her many trips down the aisle.

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From the outrageous to the romantic, relive the many marriages of daytime’s serial brides in our gallery. Who is your favorite wedding-happy bride? Who did we miss? Start the conversation below!

Originally written by Allyson Wells 2012. Refreshed June 3, 2020 by Lori Wilson.
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