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Sexy and sinister soap hunks.

What could we define a villain as in our soaps? sees our villains as someone whose own well being is paramount to his daily life over all others, their personality seemingly sourced from the devil himself. What makes a man a hottie? Their poster-boy good looks, charm, intelligence and the oozing of sexual charisma? Can the two ever be intertwined? You bet! We’ve got 10 reasons our daytime afternoons are a little sexier – the 10 hottest soap villains.

10. Victor Newman – The Young and the Restless

Victor insists the show will go on-YR-CBSThe word iconic barely touches the magnitude of this man. As a mainstay of Genoa City, he has, and will continue to do everything in his power, to keep things in his favor. Yes he may seem heroic at times but this “hero” has the money and connections to make the impossible… possible! Whatever the cost! Perhaps there is another reason, or two, that would explain how he’s managed to catch the attention of almost every woman in GC for instance, his rugged good looks and sexy way of speaking that keeps us mesmerized and wanting… more.

9. Deacon Sharpe- The Young and the Restless/The Bold and the Beautiful

Deacon-returns-cabin-BB-CBSWith a rap sheet a mile long Deacon has certainly paved a path of evil across the country! It seems there is never an end to his lies, schemes and blackmail attempts whether he’s in Genoa City or LA. Lucky for us there is also never an end to his baby-blue eyes, tousled hair and intense personality that always seems to be smoldering just below the surface. With those sexy attributes lighting up the screen, we’ll keep watching wherever his exploits take him!

8. Adam Wilson, The Young and the Restless

This resident of GC has been blessed with boy-next-door good looks but not so much the boy-next door personality. In fact, “like father, like son” definitely applies here! Victor Newman’s son Adam has done his fair share of misdeeds over the years including blackmail and on-going schemes to bring down his father. Oh well, nobody’s perfect, even if you do have crystal clear blue eyes, incredible bone structure and a charming smile that makes us melt at the mere thought of it!

7. Sonny Corinthos Jr., General Hospital

sonny-takes-gun-from-carly-gh-jjIn one moment he is threatening and serious and the next, vulnerable and empathetic but ultimately this mobster never loses his edge. The welfare of his family means the world to him and doesn’t that make him sexy beyond measure? Oh wait… then he has the ability to carry off a designer suit, has a voice that can make a grown woman buckle at the knees and possesses the power to change life as a person knows it, but not necessarily in a good way. Mob rules for this sexy gangster!

6 & 5. Franco & Jason Morgan,  villainous twins,General Hospital

Okay, admittedly, one obviously plays the villain card way more often. Rape, psychotic messages and tortuous gifts are a standard part of Franco’s MO but Jason? Yes, he has redeeming moments but being part of the mob underworld seals his fate as a villain. What seals his fate as swoon-worthy? He’s buffed and bronzed with a certain steely eyed glare that seems to see right into our soul. And for Franco? Sparkling eyes, a “killer” smile and that je ne sais quoi that makes a bad boy very intriguing! Are they a reason to watch the ongoing saga of Port Charles? Oh yes… times two!

4. Bill Spencer Jr., The Bold and the Beautiful

Among the glitz and glamour of southern California, there is a shining, albeit villainous star and his name is Bill! Amid his fiendish ways such as a murder plot and controlling tactics he still manages to remain a stylish piece of eye-candy and let’s face it, when that megawatt smile emerges it rivals the nighttime vistas of LA with its brilliance! Keep shining Bill and we’ll keep ourselves illuminated in your presence!

3. Stefano DiMera, Days of our Lives

Joseph-Mascolo-returns-todool-stefano-jjStefano, what will we do without your ever present wicked persona? Will EJ take the helm? Your smooth as velvet voice, arched eyebrows, devilish beard and your pronounced charisma while tormenting the residents of Salem will never be replicated. You have left a legacy of sexy evil to live up to but perhaps in some respect, we can hope the Phoenix, in a manner of speaking, will rise again!

2. Ricky Williams, The Young and the Restless

When your dad is all-around good guy Paul but your gorgeous mother Isabella has been committed to an institution for attempted murder at best the odds are 50-50 that you’ll become a valued member of society. Perhaps in light of a recent murder video and possible victim disappearance, those odds are significantly lowered except when it comes to looks. You may be tall, dark and evil Ricky but that thick hair, those intense eyes and your six pack will keep us, ahem… entertained every afternoon.

1. EJ DiMera, Days of our Lives

Elvis, your mother had it right when she named you after her favorite celebrity of the day! Your matinee-idol good looks and confident charm keep us glued to the screen. Add in your penchant for using the feared DiMera name to get whatever you want – whenever you want, legal or not… okay, more often not and you have a trifecta of soap villain hotness. Oh and as if we needed one more reason, let’s mention the timeless sex appeal of a man in a suit!

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