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Up close with the actors.’s June interviews with the stars of Daytime television had a few Salem actors discussing their storylines and the show’s Daytime Emmy Nominations, other Daytime actors talking about their upcoming exits and the change in their characters’ behavior.

Ever wonder how an actress feels about leaving a soap opera once their contract is up? “Days of our Lives” is losing the actress who played Melanie Jonas. In our interview with Molly Burnett she told Hollie why she decided to leave Salem behind. “I wanted to fulfill my commitment. And when it came up, it was time to do other things.”

From sweet and innocent to conniving? Yes, this happens to even the best of characters! In our “Days of our Lives” Camila Banus Interview, the actress told Hollie, “There are so many things I think are going on in Gabi’s head that nobody gets to see. It is really cool to see this kind of change and it is really fun to play the dark side of Gabi. Because, you know, everyone has a dark side.”

Are you looking for Salem storyline details? The staff caught up with the actors from the NBC soap opera. In our Days of our Lives Cast Interviews Chandler Massey dished in regards to what’s next for his character Will in terms of dating. “That’s going to be awhile down the road, officially dating. They’re taking their time, like everything else in this story, which I like. It’s not like Will to jump into a relationship when he’s just come out and he’s still getting used to it.”

Do you want loads of Daytime Emmy reactions? In our Days of our Lives Emmy Interviews Lauren Koslow (Kate) responded to how “Days” landed more nominations this year than “The Young And The Restless.” “Really? Wow! Fantastic. That’s good! Although we’re all on the same team. It used to be much more competitive. Now, each show wants the other shows to survive, because we are the same genre. It’s a united house. I like that. Before, people said that and didn’t really mean it. Now, I think people really mean it. We’re trying to keep this house going!”

Chatting over cocktails?’s Deanna Barnert chatted with a few “Days of our Lives” and “General Hospital” actors at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Cocktail Reception. In our interview with Haley Pullos the actress talked about dressing up for the yearly event and what’s ahead for Molly in Port Charles. “I love the whole romance storyline. It’s so much fun. I wasn’t really excited about it to begin with but I know that it’ll be really good for Molly.” Read the read of our chat with Pullos, as well as with the other Daytime actors in the link.