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This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

The Bold And The Beautiful:

Bill answers Ridge. Deacon charms Alison and receives a payment. Hope and Liam make a decision. Steffy calls home. Katie learns some truths. Caroline and Thomas’ relationship gets more intense. Danielle and Karen try to confess. Katie and Bill find out about their baby. Boy or girl? What do you think?

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Days of our Lives:

EJ grabs a document and threatens Arthur. Sonny’s shocked and confronts someone. Will admits his plan. Sami and Lucas reminisce. Daniel and Nicole do the nasty. Ciara has concerns. Sami warns EJ. EJ is awful to Will. Rafe confronts Nicole. Lucas comes to a realization. Chad’s upset. Andrew frightens Melanie. Brady tests positive and makes accusations. EJ and Nicole bond. Lexi’s family gathers. Jack and Jenn support Kayla and Celeste continues to be worried. A key piece of evidence is established. Hmmm. The bullets? What?

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General Hospital:

Heather and Todd face off. Johnny and Kate both feel guilty. Patrick flips out. Anna questions her future. Tracy has a confession and eludes Spinelli. Maxie worries. Todd warns Carly. Michael and Starr grow closer and closer and closer and Liz has a confrontation. Who do you think Liz goes off on?

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