OLTL's Forbes March (ex-Nash) (ABC)

As the World Turns

Robin G. asks: Who is Dani? Whose kid is she?

Soaps.com: Dani is the daughter of Steve and Betsey Andropolous. They were on the show in the 1980s. To read who else Dani is related to, please visit her character profile under our Cast List page.

Bold and the Beautiful

Annesia M. asks: A friend and I were talking about the soap (Bold and the Beautiful) the other day and going through the cast over the years, and we are stumped on the paternity of Little Eric. He was the son of Rick Forrester and Amber Moore, but I remember that Amber’s cousin Becky Moore was the real mother. The question is who is the real father? Was it Deacon? Who is the father of Hope (Brook’s daughter)?

Soaps.com: Although Amber and Rick were expecting, Amber lost the baby at birth then passed off her cousin Becky’s baby as her own. However, when the truth came out, Becky’s baby was given back to her, which was her child with Deacon. Brooke’s daughter, Hope, is also Deacon’s daughter. Hope this helped clear the air!

Janet A. asks: Can you please tell me how Nick and Ridge became half brothers. Thank you.

Soaps.com: Sure Janet! Nick and Ridge share the same father, Massimo Marone. Feel free to peek around in their profile for more fun facts on our Cast List page.

Days of Our Lives

Jane B. asks: Some years ago the actor who now plays Roman Brady played the role of Chris Kositchek. I believe he ran a gym in Salem. Could you please tell me the name of that gym? Thanks.

Soaps.com: You’re right! Chris Kositchek owned The Body Connection on Days!

General Hospital

Marla G. asks: Is Kimberly McCullough pregnant in real life, or just as Robin on GH?

Soaps.com: As far as we know, Kimberly is not pregnant – just doing a very good job at playing so on the soap!

Guiding Light

Doris B. asks: Where is Harley, will she be back on the show (same actress)?

Soaps.com: Actually, Beth Ehlers, who played Harley for several years, will not be returning to Guiding Light. She left the show this year and is currently playing Taylor on ABC’s All My Children. Sorry that you missed this in our news and Guiding Light Comings and Goings page! Please feel free to browse our archives for more news on her leaving.