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You said it!

After reading our mailbag, has noticed a rise in complaints about the Liam/Steffy/Hope love triangle on “Bold And The Beautiful,” along with some shared love for “Days of our Lives,” comments about the “One Life To Live” crossover on “General Hospital” and an objection of where “Young And The Restless” is going with their cast.

An anonymous “B&B” fan tells, “I like ‘B&B’, but there is too much drama. Why can’t somebody get Bill off the show? Let Liam and Hope be happy for once. After all, they were supposed to be married from the beginning and Hope didn’t have to lie to get him to marry her. Things like this will discourage a lot of young individuals who are considering marriage. It will also cause young individuals to think that what is going on is right when it is not.”

An anonymous “GH” fan says, “I wanted to let you know that I have been watching ‘General Hospital’ for years. I understand the comings and goings of actors and characters, after all it is a show that has been on for many years. I enjoy watching a loving couple although with their ups and downs, but at least they are together, and married is better. I do not like that someone like Carly has nothing better to do, like watch her daughter or comfort her son, than to butt into Jason and Sam’s lives. Again I understand it is a soap opera. It just seems like the storylines and the plots aren’t as good as they used to be with the older actors on it. And please if Todd has to be on ‘General Hospital’ can he please learn to say Corinthos? Sorry, but I never cared for this Todd Manning, not the same as the first, he never grew on me and was one of the reasons I quit watching ‘OLTL’. Good luck on the future stories and the show.”

Fellow “Days of our Lives” addict Rose says, “I have been addicted to ‘Days’ since I was a teenager now averaging at least 40 years of total commitment. My grandmother, rest her soul was also a devotee and I promised her that I would continue to watch the show on her behalf: a great excuse! Gran died in 1990 and ‘Days’ lives on! Keep the script, action, tug of war, adventure and grief pouring because it really truly reflects our lives. Long live ‘Days of Our Lives’ all the way from Australia.

Aspiring actress Courtney says, “Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) does not seem to belong and her acting is subpar. I feel like bringing some of the cast from other soaps is cheapening ‘GH’ for me and it has been hard to watch and I have been fast forwarding through most of the shows or skipping them all together, which makes me sad. I love this show, but it has taken a strange turn, even for a soap. Also, I would like to add that maybe one day I could be on the show. I don’t even care what I would play, it would be so amazing to be a part and meet some if not all of the cast. Like I said above, I have watched this show since I was three and my siblings watch as well. Maybe someday my dream of being on the show will come true.”

“General Hospital” fan Debra says, “I would like to see Sonny and John combine forces to go after Skully, when Sonny finds out Skully raped Kate/Connie.”