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This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Thomas and Caroline take it up a notch. Bill feels guilty. Brooke and Ridge have suspicions. Hope meets her dad. Deacon gets a bonus. Steffy mopes. Deacon feels bad. Marcus is grilled. Ridge and Brooke try to find out who messed things up. Liam thinks things over. Katie overhears a conversation and learns a secret. Bill launches part two of his plan. Gosh, what’s he going to do now?

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“Days of our Lives:”

Brady looks high again and Madison confronts him. Maggie worries about something and Victor is determined. Abby and Cameron get it on. Celeste worries. Justin proposes something but Sami’s against it. Andrew abducts someone and sends a text. Nicole and Daniel get interrupted. John finds out something about Will and so does Roman. Something paranormal happens.

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“General Hospital:”

Heather is determined to get a job. Jason apologizes. Lulu and Johnny work on a project. Michael presses Kristina about an issue. Mac and Felicia have a close moment. Anna admits a truth, Kate comes clean and Luke is caught off guard. Sam and Spinelli have questions and Carly and Johnny are interrupted.

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“The Young And The Restless:”

Daisy tells Ricky she’s ready. Avery asks Phyllis a question. Daniel is stunned by something he’s told. Genevieve gets assistance from an unexpected source. Abby and Chloe suffer a crisis. Chelsea is disappointed. Phyllis’ hopes are dashed. Paul keeps a secret. Daniel gets blamed. Cane’s past rears its ugly head. Ashley asks Tucker for something and Victor has a reaction.

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