GH's Kate and Sonny (ABC)

It’s been another exciting week in soapland, and our readers have thought so as well! Some were happy, some were angry, but no matter what, we want to hear it all! So, push aside your morning paper and get ready to read what your fellow soap fans had to say about some of the current storylines to date!

If you agree, or disagree, but sure to let us know by commenting below!

All My Children

Loving the show…

Marty W.: This is for all the All my Children cast members: “I love the show and like all the cast members. I watch it every day!”

Nancy V.: I hope Greenlee and Ryan get together. I hope everyone will find out who really killed Annie’s brother.

Sue R.: Bringing back David Hayward is music to my ears. I have thought of him and his colorful character many times since he left. I can’t wait to see how he is worked in the writing, but I will be waiting and watching. Thank you again. He’s an awesome actor!

The other side of the coin…

Jerry T.: I am one of your biggest fans and have been since you began the show. However, I am so fed up with Kendal and Annie that I no longer watch, but rather read the updates online. Please make Kendal a more realistic person and get rid of Annie.

Nancy F.: Shame on the writers for portraying a dedicated soldier who defends USA out to be an out-of-control murderer. That is really a slap in the face to people who risk their lives for our freedom. If you weren’t so biased, you could present both sides of the Iraq issue.

Sharon B.: I have felt more irritated with the passage of time about the ABC/All my Children agenda regarding Iraq. I love the soap and have followed it for decades, (to Scotland and back in US Military) but am drawing a line here. I hope ABC/staff writers realize a great number of us are not sympathetic to political agendas disguised as storyline…

As the World Turns

It’s all about Derek Coburn (Benton Greene)

Katherine B.: Wow! That new character Derek Coburn, played by the very sexy Benton Greene is incredible! Not only does he have sex appeal but there is a substance to him. He has class, poise, intelligence and a deeper beauty that really completes the show. I’d love to see more of him. What a pleasure to watch! Thanks for such good choices in actors like the talented Benton Greene.

Nikki M.: I am writing to say how excited I am about the new character that has joined this cast. Both the character, and the actor playing Derek Coburn are extremely hot, sexy, and super intriguing. I was only watching the show half the time, but if this character stays, I’ll definitely be watching a whole lot more! Yes, Yes, Yes! I hope to see him on the show often as this amazing, classy, and dignified love interest. It’d be a cool switch from the same old stuff on the other soaps. Keep it coming!

Cassandra T.: OMG I love this character. My friends told me that ATWT had a new sexy African American male. I do wish he were just a business man, investor, etc… Why does he have to be a loan shark? But hey, at least there is another minority on the show. Applause!!! Thanks. Please keep him around! He has our office all going bananas!

My beef with the show!

Juanita H.: I had quit watching soaps for years because of all the sex you were pushing on us. I sit with an elderly lady and she has her set on so I saw some of the show. But I will no longer set in the room when this soap is on.

Nina G.: I don’t want Chris to go. He and Allie make a good couple, but I don’t know why she married Aaron.

Ashley L.: I am a very big fan of this show but what really gets me is that Carly and Jack aren’t together. I want them to be together. They are the only couple in the show who brings me to tears every time they break up, and I am so happy anytime they kiss.

Bold and the Beautiful

Love the actors!

Rose M.: I have watched the soap since inception. The four leading characters: Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, and Brooke, have always fascinated me. I wish Susan Flannery and John McCook the best in their lives, health and careers. Honestly, would hate to see them both go.

Jacqueline A.: Marcus rocks! You need to bring back Stephanie because without her the show means nothing. She is the backbone of her family, period.

Not happy campers…

Harriet H.: As for Nick being unfaithful and getting the other Miss thing pregnant… Those two belong together. Take Nick out of Bridget’s life once and for all. She does not need another hurt now. He’s hurt her twice now. I’m glad Brooke slapped the chick’s face. She deserves it.

Fran D.: The storyline has gone array. For the first time in my life, I stopped watching the B&B.

Donna E.: I think this is the worst thing you have ever done. If you don’t fix the Donna thing I will stop watching the show. I have watched when you made the Forresters talk down to people and do anything they want, but you have gone too far this time.

Cam D.: Please find another love interest for Brooke or get her off the show. This is so sickening between her and Ridge, on and off how many times now? Eric and Donna? Yuck! Nick and Taylor were so good together; please bring them back – not her with that kid, Rick, and a love interest for Stephanie sounds great, but never mind Eric. Bring us something different. We need something new in this soap.

Days of Our Lives

Love the actors, love the storylines!

Shea B.: I’m a really big fan of Days. My favorite person is Max. He’s AWESOME!

Linda F.: The film noir episodes have been the best Days since the first part of the Salem stalker. For once I didn’t have to fast forward through the show. I hope the writers will keep this up.

Carol L.: Put Daniel and Chelsea back with each other. They belong together.

Ridiculous and boring?

Donna R.: I hope that the “powers that be” can get this message. The new storyline on “Days” as of August 18, 2008 onward is ridiculous. Have watched the show since the ’50s but have not enjoyed the last few episodes.

C.H.: The fake show this week is boring and a waste of my time (good thing I tape it and can fast forward). Stefano is old news. He’s been there done that so many times he’s so predictable. He needs to go. Also forget all the flashbacks you’ve had recently? B-o-r-i-n-g. Focus on today and the future.

Hate it: Tracy B.: Please don’t ever do an episode like the one you did with Nicole’s imagination. It made me turn off the set and I have watched every episode since I was ten – that has been eighteen years, so please for the love of us don’t do it again.