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This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Bill springs Deacon from prison and threatens him. Deacon learns more about his daughter. Hope and Liam arrive in Italy with Ridge, Brooke, and Steffy in tow. Brooke and Ridge enjoy some romance. Bill has trouble executing his plan. A couple decides to get married. Who would that be?

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“Days of our Lives:”

While Stefano’s family gathers at the mansion for an intimate memorial. Bo asks if anything happened between Gina and John. Read the spoilers to find out what she says! She and Bo meet with Marlena for more therapy. Steve’s job with the ISA causes a fight with Kayla. Roman wonders what Marlena knows and why EJ would bail Will out. Do you think Carrie will represent Will? Would that make Sami uncomfortable?

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“General Hospital:”

Jason has an apology to make. Kristina tries to shut down production. Jason runs into Liz. Kate realizes something and feels guilty. Lulu strikes a deal with Johnny. Luke and Anna share a close moment and seek advice.

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“The Young And The Restless:”

Sharon won’t budge from the wedding. Nick goes to check on Phyllis when he can’t locate her. He finds her on the penthouse floor. The wedding is postponed. Daisy confesses something. Nick and Phyllis decide to have an impromptu wedding. Ricky exposes a secret. Paul is concerned that Ricky might harm Heather and Chloe gets in the middle of things. It’s slammer-time for two Genoa City residents. I wonder who they are. Any ideas?

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