Good old-fashioned soap opera smack downs.

There are some things that immediately pop in mind that are iconic of any good soap opera: Rampant eavesdropping, unapologetic bed hopping and, of course, the occasional slap. writers and soap fans reminisce about some of the more memorable moments when skin-met-skin from the past few years.

Episode # 13660Lily slaps Meg on As The World Turns:
The force behind this October 9, 2009 hit, combined with Meg’s taunting about Holden leaving her, sure stung. As reader NukeLover said, “That was one hell of slap that Lily gave Meg today. When she slapped her I was like WHOA! Lily really put a lot of force into it and Meg’s reaction was priceless.”

Destiny’s mom Phylicia slaps Nora on One Life To Live:
Destiny’s mom really let Nora have it August 12, 2011 after interfering in her daughter’s pregnancy. Reader Switzerland said, “She slapped Nora so hard that I think some of Nora’s makeup came off! Watching soaps as much as I do, I love it when I see a good slap!”

Episode # 12365Sam slaps Carly on General Hospital:
Carly hit below the belt August 9, 2011 and Sam went nuts. Cowboysfan said, “Wow, Sam slapped the taste out of Carly’s mouth. Can’t say I blame her. She had a lot of nerve saying Sam does not know how it feels to lose a child. Sam lost a baby a few years ago.”

Victoria slaps Billy on Young and the Restless:
It’s not always all about the ladies, and Billy gets his for writing and expose on Victoria and Deacon November 2, 2009. “I am feeling kind of sorry for Billy right now,” said fairyprincess. “Victoria punched the sh@# out of him.”

Connie slaps Carly on General Hospital:
Carly has been on the receiving end of quite a few slaps, but the one dated May 2, 2012 turned into a real catfight. “I couldn’t tell if Carly slapped her, or if she punched Connie with a quick right to the jaw, but that foot stomp that Connie got in is going to hurt Carly later on,” Scrimmage said.

Theresa slaps Pilar on Passions:
The date was November 7, 2007 and Pilar should have known you never come between Theresa and her man. Tesstellthetruthalready said, “Theresa should have slapped her mom twice! Go get your man Theresa!”

Episode # 11209
Sami slaps Nicole on Days of our Lives:

Ouch! You could practically see the venom drip from Sami when she found out Sydney was hers, not Nicole’s baby, that fateful winter day, November 16, 2009. Lady G said,”Nicole finally got what was coming to her and I am sorry, she is the last person I feel sorry for. Her actions were selfish and self centered, period.”

Stephanie slaps Liam on Bold and the Beautiful:
On August 12, 2010 it all went down. Stephanie is a master at her craft, but was denied a double slap when Liam ducks the second time. “Wow, I didn’t see that one coming,” pipposprincess said. “Liam looks like he is going to need a diaper change!”

Episode # 15358Reva slaps Cassie on Guiding Light:
Reva makes it really sting by having sex with her sister’s man before whacking her across the face May 25, 2007. “It’s about time Cassie got what was coming to her,” said janmar. “She took what didn’t belong to her and now she knows how it feels.”

Erica slaps JR on All My Children:
Another slap pro, Erica always give a little emotional dig, this time on February 23, 2007 when she told JR that Babe cared more for Josh. “When Erica slapped JR, I was hoping he would haul off and give her a kiss,” said mrfraser. “Maybe he will be her next victim!”

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