When people think of James Earl Jones, they remember him from movies such as “Field of Dreams,” “The Sand Lot,” the voice of Mufasa in “The Lion King,” and most recently as Papa Jenkins in “Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins,” to name a small few of his amazing credits. However, did you know he was also in soaps – and is now about to receive this year’s Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild?

It’s true! On Sunday January 25, 2009, James will be presented with the Screen Actors Guild’s most celebrated award, the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award! The award is given to those to honor actors for their career achievements and humanitarian accomplishments. Tune in to TNT and TBS at 8:00 PM EST to watch the award show live, as James is given an award he truly deserves!

Although he was already an accomplished actor, James made his first Daytime appearances in 1996 as Guiding Light’s Dr. Jim Frazier, as well as As the World Turns’ Dr. Jerry Turner.

Soaps.com wants to send James a huge congratulates!