Credit: Mood killer on Emmerdale. (ITV)

Extended coverage.

Since Americans aren’t the only ones with good soapy drama, has listened to our readers from across the pond who have requested we keep tabs on a few British and Australian soap operas. Take a look at what’s going on with dramas from other parts of the world.


Spoiler alert: Abi forgoes her scholarship to Costa Rica in favor of sticking around for her beau Jay. After Tanya and Max try to talk some sense into the couple, Jay proposes, suggesting Abi still go to Costa Rica, but as part of their honeymoon. Ah, young impetuous love.

Unhappy living in Walford, Afia leaves her husband Tamwar, who is understandably heartbroken. All is not lost though, as Fatboy is there to pick up the pieces.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Simon’s been acting out for a while, but coming up, things take a dangerous turn for the youngster. After running off from school, he hides out at home and finds Carla’s hidden stash of wine. When Peter finally finds his son, he sees Simon passed out next to the open bottle. The boy is rushed to the hospital, as a guilt ridden Carla offers to move out of the house. Should Simon take her up on the offer?

Michelle’s son Ryan returns in the form of a recast, actor Sol Heras. However, things aren’t looking good as Ryan has become a drug user during his time away.