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This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“Days of our Lives:”

The results of the paternity tests are in. EJ’s not the father and Sami consoles him. Roman asks EJ an important question. Carrie’s devastated. Billie hears about the pregnancy and Rafe denies. Melanie comforts Chad and Gabi is confronted by Andrew. Stefano is shot. The gun is Abe’s, but there are eight sets of fingerprints on it. Someone’s arrested. Who do you think pulled the trigger? Was it Will? EJ?

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“General Hospital:”

Jason asks for forgiveness. Carly has an ultimatum. Todd struggles and Sam is in disbelief. Starr has a surprise. Sam bumps into someone interesting. Sam realizes something and Anna gets a new job.

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“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Liam is torn but Steffy helps. He surprises Hope. Stephanie visits Liam and Brooke interrupts them. Bill worries that he’s been caught by Hope. Brooke and Ridge are stunned to hear who Hope has invited to the wedding and Liam can’t believe what she did. What did she do?

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“The Young And The Restless:”

There’s lots going on in Genoa City this week. Tension increases among Daisy, Phyllis, and Ricky. Phyllis threatens murder and Ricky tapes it. Nikki is happy about Jack. Genevieve confesses and Victor finds a way to mess up Jack’s plans. Ashley shuts Katherine down. Sofia tells Harmony she’s getting a divorce. Sharon accuses Victoria of spilling the beans and Nick and Phyllis’ wedding day finally arrives. Do you think the wedding will go off without a hitch? Or do you smell tragedy?

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