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Outside of Daytime. has continued to keep readers posted on the goings-on of the actors from cancelled soap operas “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life To Live,” and “Passions.” If you missed the many articles following the actors of Pine Valley, Oakdale, Springfield, Llanview or Harmony in the various Soap Opera News Rooms, here are a few recent top stories…

Would you like the chance to see the “AMC” actors who played David Hayward and Jack Montgomery together again? Find out how you can catch Walt Willey and Vincent Irizarry in Harvey.

The actress who played “All My Children’s” Mayor Iris Blanco has a new FX gig. Get the details through Wanda de Jesus on Sons Of Anarchy.

One Pine Valley actor is helping everyday citizens renovate their backyards. If you’d like to have the actor who played Jake Martin following you, while helping him, check out Ricky Paull Goldin on Home Renovation Flash Mobs.

The “All My Children” actor who played Brot Monroe isn’t slowing down outside of Daytime. Find out about his latest celebrity appearance through J.R. Martinez Co-Hosts Plugged In.

Though former “As The World Turns” actors have been MIA as of late, invites readers to take a look back at our As The World Turns Flashback Friday Video: Jake & Molly.

The “Guiding Light” actor who played Phillip Spaulding has made one of his life-long dreams come true. Grant Aleksander graduated from college.

What do you get when you throw together the actors who played “AMC’s” Krystal Chandler and “OLTL’s” David Vickers, Marcie McBain and Blair Manning? Find out through Tuc Watkins Emcee For Divas Of Daytime Concert.

Do you find yourself looking for the latest iTunes apps? Check out some behind the scenes photos of the actor who played Llanview’s Dr. Greg Evans through Terrell Tilford’s iTunes App.