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Outside of Daytime. has continued to keep readers posted on the goings-on of the actors from cancelled soap operas “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life To Live,” and “Passions.” If you missed the many articles following the actors of Pine Valley, Oakdale, Springfield, Llanview or Harmony in the various Soap Opera News Rooms, here are a few recent top stories…

Erika Kane may not be wandering around Pine Valley any longer. However, fans can catch up with Susan Lucci on Good Morning America through the video within.

Here’s some scoop on a Pine Valley actor turned pop star. Get the details on the man who once played J.R. Chandler, Jesse McCartney in Chernobyl Diaries.

The actress who played Greenlee has been working on a new gig. Check out the trailer for Rebecca Budig in Bad Parents.

Would you like to see an All My Children actor return to Dancing With The Stars? Vote your favorite previous Pine Valley ‘dancing’ reality actor within.

A few weeks ago reported that former “Guiding Light’s” (ex-Maureen) Ellen Parker’s burglar was convicted and now the man has been sentenced for his crime… Details within the link.

Llanview’s Dr. Greg Evans may still be in Statesville but read about his portrayer Terrell Tilford in This American Housewife. Also check out Terrell Tilford’s AT&T Commercial.