Sonny's shocked. (

This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“Days of our Lives:”

This coming week Lexi collapses, Victor confesses and Maggie walks. Carrie is prego and Austin finds out. Will gives Rafe some juicy information and Stefano’s new home is a jail cell. How do you think he’ll like being a jail bird? Will he cope?

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“General Hospital:”

The Zacchara household becomes tense. Johnny struggles with his conscience. Sonny and Alexis are shocked. McBain confides in Tea, Michael is one step closer to the truth and Kristina comes home!

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“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Rick admits Brooke was right. Liam gets an ultimatum. Bill visits prison, proposes something and Deacon accepts. Liam is confronted. Hope feels betrayed and changes their guest list. I wonder how these wedding plans are going to come off. What do you think Hope will do?

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“The Young And The Restless:”

In Genoa City, Paul apologizes and Nikki decides to accept Jack’s proposal. Daisy and Eden square off. Cane must make a choice. Victoria learns something, Ricky digs up dirt and Victor gets angry.

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