Credit: Amber pulls a prank. (

This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“Days of our Lives:”

There’s going to be lots of excitement in Salem starting Monday. Stefano gets arrested and comes clean while Sami gives it to Lucas for hiding the truth. What truth? John, Bo, Rafe and Hope don disguises. I can’t wait to see this! Victor feels guilty about the egg drop and Maggie buys a new business. Brady’s drugged again and Lexi decides to travel. The May sweeps will see Stefano get caught again. I wonder what will become of him? Find out the answers to these questions and more Salem spoilers for yourself at the Newest Days of our Lives Spoilers.

“General Hospital:”

This week Todd overhears a conversation he shouldn’t have, someone in Port Charles celebrates a birthday and Todd and Tea argue. Later Carly and Tea get into it as do Johnny and Anthony. Lots of arguing this week. Patrick and Matt bond while Heather plots. Isn’t that all that woman does? Plot. Plot. Plot. Sneaky lady. Find out what else is going to happen at the Newest General Hospital Spoilers.

“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Amber hatches a plan. Rick is confused then she tries her best to clear things up. Hope finds out something interesting. Katie shocks Bill and Karen and Caroline disagree. Ridge finds out that Caroline is the inspiration for Thomas’ new collection. Brooke and Ridge have some intimacy problems. The May sweeps reveal a family secret that bothers Caroline. I wonder what that is? Check it out now at the Newest Bold and Beautiful Spoilers.

“The Young And The Restless:”

Daniel refuses to get an annulment, Billy advises Jack not to give up and Abby and Eden can’t believe their ears. Victor hears a proposal. I wonder who that comes from? We know he’s seeing Sharon now. Maybe it’s something to do with her. Ricky finds out more about Phyllis’ past and Sofia warns Harmony to keep her hands off. Hands off what? The bottle or her husband? Chelsea’s plans will surprise Billy and Victoria. The rumor mill tells us that Noah may come back from New York. That ought to shake things up in Genoa City. Get the scoop with the Newest Young and the Restless Spoilers.