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A Fun Look At Why These Characters Are Most Annoying.

Everyday the messages boards heat up with the fans discussions on the lives of their favorite and not-so-favorite soap opera characters. Ophelia’s is sharing some of the top rants as they bash the characters that are annoying them to no end.

10. Hope Logan was “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” symbol of class, purity and the actual spokesperson for promoting family values and abstinence. Hope’s view against pre-marital sex and virtue won over fans when Brooke accidentally had sex with Hope’s boyfriend Oliver. The poster child for virginity until someone puts a ring on it, Hope suddenly abandoned her stance against premarital sex when she moved in with married man, Liam Spencer. Fans have completely lost hope in Hope who has become a whiny, anxiety magnet who has resorted to pill-popping in order to cope with the pressures of her “adulterous” actions.

9. Harmony Hamilton was first introduced to Genoa City as Yolanda through the eyes of troubled teen, her son Devon Hamilton who was adopted by Neil and Drucilla Winters after Devon had fallen victim to the foster care system. Later, it was revealed that Yolanda’s drug addictions also resulted in her abandoning Devon’s younger sister, Anna. Once clean and sober, she relapsed and hit on Neil, and disappeared again. Recently, after learning that the truth about her son’s biological dad had been revealed, Yolanda returned to Genoa City as Harmony who is now clean and sober, and sporting a new outlook on life. Unfortunately, the new and improved version is irking “The Young and the Restless” fans with her over-the-top mannerisms, loud talking and her inability to resist flirting with and kissing married man, Neil. Fans are becoming annoyed with Harmony’s unusual need to burst into dance, thus, making people around her wonder, “Are you high, Harmony?”

8. Daisy Carter ingratiated herself into the youth of Genoa City by befriending Daniel Romalotti and Abby Newman as fellow classmates. After becoming “friends” with Lauren, she drugged her, kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured Lauren supposedly only because she was being controlled by Lauren look-alike, Sarah Smythe who was Shelia Carter’s sister. Once it was revealed that Daisy was in fact Shelia’s daughter, fans were incensed when Daisy later drugged and raped Daniel resulting in her becoming pregnant with baby Lucy who was delivered by Daniel. After the delivery, the dastardly Daisy physically attacked Daniel left him for dead, and abandoned infant Lucy. “The Young and the Restless” fans are beside themselves with anger now that Daisy has been released from prison, regained custody of baby Lucy and is living as if she is an influential member of society.

7. Sami Brady Hernandez is one person that “Days of Our Lives” fans love to talk about on a regular basis as they find it hard to forget Sami’s long list of misdeeds which include her kidnapping her baby sister, Belle, and changing Belle’s paternity test to show that Roman, not John Black was her father. Sami drugged and raped Austin, shot and castrated Alan Harris, falsely accused Lucas of abusing Will, tampered with Lexi’s paternity test, blackmailed Lexi into convincing Sami’s sister, Carrie Reed, that her children would be deformed, and she cheated on her husband, Rafe Hernandez with EJ Wells DiMera the man who raped her. EJ is also the man she shot in the head after learning that he had kidnapped her daughter and told Sami she was dead. Because of Sami’s self-centered and utter selfishness, she will remain as one of the most bashed characters.

6. Carly Corinthos Jax slid into “General Hospital’s” Port Charles with the sole purpose of extracting revenge on her mother for giving her up for adoption. After sleeping with Bobbi Spencer’s husband and destroying their marriage, Carly was well on her way to securing her role as one of the fans’ favorite person to bash. Among other deeds, Carly shot her ex, Tony Jones, pushed Courtney Matthew’s car off a cliff, set fire to Ric Lansing’s apartment, and had sex with Sonny while married to Jax. Deeming Sonny Corinthos as unfit to parent their sons, she pressured him into relinquishing his parental rights. Fans are seething that Carly is now justifying her decision to hook-up with Sonny’s mortal enemy Johnny Zaccharra. Carly’s self-righteous, self-absorbing personality will forever place her as the fans’ target for bashing.