Credit: Stefano's in the hot seat. (

This week holds lots of surprises for our soap friends. Here’s a little taste.

“Days of our Lives:”

Things got very hot in Salem last week and the outcome is in! Doug and Julie are rarely on the show and this week they’ll pay a visit as Salem mourns the loss of their loved ones. Consequently everyone is out to get Stefano to the point that he’ll be trying not to die. Some fans are going to enjoy Stefano squirming. Don’t get me wrong. I love the guy but I’ll still enjoy this a little. Shane confesses something and Roman announces that what looks true is not. Wonder what that is? Meanwhile EJ and Sami are caught getting up close and personal. Carrie and Rafe make a decision too. What will it be? Getting it on or getting out before it starts? Find out the answers to these questions and more Salem spoilers for yourself at Newest Days of our Lives Spoilers.

“General Hospital:”

Michael does some serious begging this week and Carly gets miffed. She gets miffed a lot, don’t you think? Sonny won’t listen when he should and Sam goes to the hospital. General Hospital of course. I’m very excited to learn that Llanview (“One Live to Live”) and Port Charles will cross paths. Wonder how this will happen? Gosh I miss “OLTL.” We can also look forward to Heather getting her freak on. Another one? Find out what else is going to happen at Newest General Hospital Spoilers.

“The Bold And The Beautiful:”

Liam is put on the grill by Bill while Steffy and Hope continue to bump each other around in Liam’s world. Hope makes some major changes. Finally! Brooke and Ridge tap dance around their daughters’ lives trying not to interfere but interfering anyway. Stephanie has a few words to say to Steffy too. Caroline sees something nice in Rick and receives an invitation from Amber to preview his new line. I feel something in the air for them. Do you? Check it out now at Newest Bold and Beautiful Spoilers.