Credit: Ringer's Catherine. (CW)

Coming up in Primetime Television. has plenty of Primetime scoops for our readers to look forward to during the week of April 9 and beyond. In our latest Primetime Dish column you’ll find episode teasers, casting scoops, repeat details, May Sweeps appearances, and new season renewals.

30 Rock: Elizabeth Banks (“Hunger Games”) returns to the series, which she hasn’t appeared in for over a year. The appearance will take place during May Sweeps on NBC Thursdays at 8:30 PM.

90210: There will be a repeat of the March 6, 2012 “Babies In Toyland” 8:00 PM CW episode.

Bones: President of Entertainment for the Fox Broadcasting Company, Kevin Reilly, announced that the network would renew its hit show for an eighth season, which will include a 150th milestone episode. sat in during a conference call and when asked how the new baby will change Brennan, Executive Producer Hart Hanson stated, “We’ve always seen Brennan as a character who, because of her upbringing, was kind of afraid of life, did not want to engage with life, or had to be protected by a veneer of rationality and logic and science. The first thing to come and challenge to breech those walls was Booth who made her confront, lead a more dangerous life, at least emotionally in that her happiness is contingent upon another person’s happiness. And now she has a child, and you might be able to avoid a lover as someone whose happiness, your happiness is contingent upon, but definitely not a child.”

Game Of Thrones: To celebrate the show’s season two premiere “New York Ink’s” Ami James and his gang at the Wooster Street Tattoo Shop gave fifty people free “Game Of Thrones” tattoos this past week. In the Sunday April 8 9:00 PM HBO episode titled “The Night Lands” Tyrion punishs Cersei for alienating the king’s subjects, Arya shares a secret with Gendry, one of Dany’s scouts returns with news, Theon Greyjoy reunites with his father Balon, and Davos enlists Salladhor Saan to join forces.

Girls: The new exclusive HBO series premieres on Sunday April 15 at 10:30 PM. Hannah, an aspiring New York City writer, is blindsided when her parents cut her off financially and seeks comfort in Adam. Hannah’s best friend Marnie hosts a dinner party for their bohemian British friend Jessa, who moves in with her “Sex And The City” obsessed cousin.

Gossip Girl: Though Executive Producer Josh Safran wouldn’t give any details he did promise that the CW show would carry out its storyline this season as to who the real “Gossip Girl” is. 8:00 PM Monday Episode Teasers: One Life To Live’s David A. Gregory guest stars. Serena sets out to make Lola the next ‘It Girl’. Chuck reaches out to Blair for advice. Diana’s return to The Spectator starts a power struggle with Nate.

Grimm: Roger Bart (“Revenge” “Desperate Housewives”) will turn up in a guest starring role on the NBC series. Look for Roger to appear as a Grizzly Adams type character in the Big Foot-centric episode. The show airs Fridays at 9:00 PM.

Hart Of Dixie: Gary Cole, (Royce, Scruples), guest stars as Zoe’s father, renowned surgeon Ethan Hart. 9:00 PM CW Monday Episode Teasers: Zoe has conflicted feelings about seeing her father. Lemon feels she must befriend Zoe in order to keep her affair with Lavon from George. As a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Rammer Jammer, the owner hosts a cocktail contest between Wade and Shelley.

Justified: During the FX Tuesday April 10 finale Natalie Zea (“Passions,” ex-Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop) resurfaces as Winona, Raylan Givens’ baby mama. Though the actress’ duties were supposed to be up, contractually, in season two, she couldn’t reveal where her character’s baby-bump will lead the non-couple once the dust settles.