Attention soap bloggers! There’s a new blogger online!

While we offer as much as we possibly can for our readers here on, sometimes, whether it be schedule conflicts or vacation plans, we know there are times when you need to catch up on your favorite soaps – or times when you simply want more – but don’t have a lot of time to do so! Because of this, we’ve decided to open a blog, to give you the soaps in brief! A year ago, we took over the very popular, DAYS and Passions Soap Opera Fan website! The back end of the site, where we get to write up all our soap scoops for you is pretty old school. Unless you’re a webmistress or webmaster, most people wouldn’t have been able to update the back end without downloading the software and training the staff. Instead of training writing staff on how to become a webmistress or webmaster, we decided, instead, to create a blog so that the whole staff could post with ease!

With some work from our design staff and programming staff, and writing staff, we are excited to bring you that little bit of ‘extra’ through our sister site, through this new blog, Soap Opera Fan. Not only do we still cover Days of Our Lives, we also cover the highly popular soaps, including The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless!

What can you look forward to seeing on the new blog verses the content found on Sit back while we give you a tour of what to expect while visiting our blog…

Although you are presented with daily, in-depth updates here on, the blog on SoapOperaFan is an alternate site to visit for those who haven’t had the time to read the in-depth daily updates on On the blog, instead, you’ll find weekly summaries posted every Friday, wrapping up the week’s episodes in one shot. This excludes our coverage of Days of our Lives, however, because Soap Opera Fan originally started about 14 years ago as a huge Days of our Lives fan site! We don’t want to take anything away from our DAYS section. We’re also adding highlights such as latest news stories, comings and goings, spoilers, mini-actor bios, a few interviews and weekly polls! Speaking of which, another fun feature you’ll find on our sister site, like, is a new poll for each soap every Friday! We encourage you to vote on both! You never know when “The Powers That Be” are reading these sites, and accumulating viewer opinion.

On our new blog, you can find sweepstakes, links to archived Days of our Lives History, fun facts, letters, family trees…You can find archived Passions updates since the very first show, and we’ve even got a few surprises up our sleeves that we’ll roll out in the weeks to come!

If you’re one of those people who like the way a certain writer delivers their information, we have great news! While touring Soap Opera Fan Blog you’ll see many familiar staffers doing double duty over there! Bottom line, Soap Opera Fan Blog is exactly what its title states: A blog made for you, the fans, where you’ll get everything in a snap! Short and sweet and to the point – for everyone who needs that little soap fix throughout the day or once a week. Whatever your schedule allows!

For all of you soap opera fan fiction writers out there, stay tuned, as we’ll be bringing you some information surrounding a great Soap Opera Fan Blog sweepstakes!