Murray Bartlett (JPI)

Have you ever wondered how much alike an actor is to their portrayer? We have. We’ve often wondered how much of their own personality eventually melds into their own character, if at all, and especially for those characters we love to hate! We found some revealing answers from some of your favorite actors!

Lori Wilson spoke with Renee Jones, who portrays Alexandra Carver, on Days of our Lives, recently. Renee discussed the similarities and differences between her character, Lexi, and herself. “I’m not as serious as Lexie. I’m not as professional and polished as Lexis is. I’m more free spirited and spiritual and kooky.”

Lori Wilson went on to talk with Christopher Maleki, who, if you recall, portrayed psycho, ‘Spike’, on Passions. (Read more here.) Spike has always been a frightening and nasty character, on the show. Christopher played the part very well, and Lori had a little fun, asking him, “Even though he’s a despicable character, are there any similarities between you and Spike?”

Christopher tells her, “If I said no I would be lying. Obviously I don’t kill people, I don’t sell
drugs, I don’t pimp out ladies, but there’s a little part of me in everything I do. I will just leave at yes there’s a part of me in there and let the readers figure that out.”