GL's Grant Aleksander as Philip (CBS) answers those burning questions that soap fans have about the soaps, actors, characters and our website! We encourage everyone to email us their questions. Our staff will get back to you with the answers, and you may even find the answers listed on the site!

All My Children

Nancy F. asks: What happened to the characters of Ava and Jonathan? Their names are never mentioned on the show. Unfortunately, Leven Rambin (Ava) left the show in March of 2008, as did Jeff Branson who played Jonathan. We always post about casting changes in our comings and goings for all of the shows, so for future casting notes, please stay tuned to our All My Children Comings and Goings page!

As the World Turns

Teri M. asks: Who was Betsy’s mother? Can you refresh us on the 1970 -1980 characters? Betsy’s mother was Elizabeth Stewart, and was last played by Judith Mc Gilligan. From time to time we do ‘Where are They Now’ articles, but usually if there is a call for specific actors. If you send us a note asking to hear about someone specific, we may write a piece about it!

Bold and the Beautiful

Rosemary S. asks: What ever happened with AMC’s Greg Madden? I have seen him on the Bold and the Beautiful. Ian Buchanan appeared on AMC as Dr. Greg Madden from May 30, 2005 to July 5, 2006. He’s not appearing in daytime at the moment, but he did play a recurring role on B&B as Dr. James Warwick from 1993 to 2008.

Days of Our Lives

Jamie G. asks: Just clarifying… Deidre Hall’s real life sister didn’t reprise her role as Sam, right? Sam and Marlena were both filmed by Deidre? I couldn’t find anything saying that she was reprising the role for the August 20, 2008 episode, but I just wanted to make sure. No, she didn’t! Deidre played both parts. We posted about this in our DAYS spoilers that are now archived.

General Hospital

Marianne D. asks: Maxie had on a big black ring, do you know where I could get that? Thanks! While we are trying to get some of the show’s clothing questions answered, unfortunately we usually have a difficult time obtaining information on the jewelry worn on this show.